Experience Yoga in the heart of Styria

The new Yogamastazz indoor courses: Yoga for beginners and advanced students in Weissenbach, Stein/Enns, Moosheim, Liezen and Rottenmann. Pregnancy yoga classes in Weißenbach/Liezen.

The Liezen wooden yoga platform is taking its winter break

Yoga on the platform is over now. We start again next year 2021 in May. Thanks to all yoginis and yogis for the numerous participation.
Dear yogis,
our indoor courses will start again in September / October 2020! We look forward to seeing you.

Yogamastazz courses

Yoga for beginners and advanced students in Weissenbach/Liezen, Liezen, Stein/Enns, Moosheim and Rottenmann. Pregnancy yoga classes in Liezen.

Yoga Allegro

Therapeutic Yoga based on Remo Rittiner, Vinyasa Yoga, flows with music after Young Ho Kim (Inside Yoga), dynamic and meditative yoga style.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga Piccolo is Yoga in pregnancy in reference to HypnoBirthing, breathing & moving for a natural path to gentle birth.

Yoga Bambini

Playful yoga for children from 5 to 10 years. They learn and strengthen a healthy posture, breathing & promoting concentration.

Yoga Piano

Therapeutic Yoga after Remo Rittiner. We particularly address physical challenges of the back, neck, shoulders, hips and knees.

Yoga Piccolino RÜBIYOKA

Yoga after pregnancy & Kangatraining. Therapeutic Yoga in Asanas and flows with your Baby.

Yoga for companies

On request, we happily offer yoga for your company. Yoga can reduce sick leaves and increase well-being in the workplace.

Therapeutic Yoga in the Enns Valley

Our yoga stands for health, vitality and spiritual power. Therapeutic yoga can relieve tension, pain and blockages. Anatomical knowledge combines with energetic and mental alignment in the asanas (postures), strengthening physical, respiratory and mental activity.

In our yoga classes we teach very much about Remo Rittiner. Remo is one of the most experienced Swiss yoga teachers. In his training, we have learned especially the therapeutic approaches of yoga.

The high art in yoga and in life is to adapt to the constant changes. Practice makes perfect. We adapt our yoga to the individual and respect him in his uniqueness. This allows change to happen, both inside and out.

Our yoga classes are to be regarded as yoga therapy – less is more – is our basic principle.

Finding the right shape, a happy effort and your own rhythm is the key to a successful and fulfilling yoga practice.

Vinyasa Yoga in Liezen

Vinyasa is a yoga style in which movement sequences are strung together, breathing, movement and music form a unity and flow into each other. It is a dynamic, creative yoga style, both danceable and powerful. This dynamic stimulates the flow of energy in the body. It demands and promotes concentration, because the thoughts always follow movement and breathing. In between, there are always static elements – to come to rest, but also for postural correction and strengthening of the muscles.

Young Ho Kim – a now world-renowned yoga instructor created the Inside Yoga style. “All you need is inside” Vanessa is very inspired by Young Ho Kim’s lessons. She assembles Vinyasa Flows into her own music and shares it with her students.

Pregnancy – Yoga – HypnoBirthing & Kanga 

For our expectant and young mothers, we offer pregnancy yoga and reversion yoga with Kanga.

In the pregnancy yoga you learn to breathe properly, to move and to stay fit. In the yoga classes for pregnant women with elements of hypnobirthing you will find a way that the birth of your child is a predominantly easy and enjoyable experience for both mother and child. Yoga in pregnancy in conjunction with hypnobirthing allows women to find a way to natural, self-determined childbirth. It encourages women in their ability to give birth naturally and to their own children.

After the birth we offer Yoga and Kanga. Upon request and with sufficient registrations (at least 6 mums with child), these special recovery courses for “new mums” will take place in the Liezen area. Yoga for mother and child is exercise therapy for regression and takes place with your baby together. A colleague of us will also help you with Kanga to get fit soon after your birth.

Kids Yoga

Children playfully perform position, breathing and meditation exercises, improving their motor skills, body awareness and perception. Vanessa teaches a very playful yoga, the fun is always there. The children playfully learn many asanas (postures) in a dynamic and static way. The positive effects of the different exercises are also taught in a playful way to the children in the yoga class.

Breathing exercises, movements with music, lots of fun and laughter belong together as well as the handling of our children and our environment.

Yoga and Hiking

Every year we organize a yoga retreat on the beautiful Wurzer Alm in Upper Austria.

3 days yoga, 3 days hiking, 3 days time out from everyday life.

Together with yoga shamanic rituals are held, mantras are sung, meditated and breathed consciously.

The hikes to various mountain peaks, alpine pastures, ritual places round off these days in wonderful nature.

In addition, from 2020 we are planning a yoga retreat in Portugal. A week of yoga, land and people, sea and hiking, wonderful dining, meditating in beautiful squares, sightseeing in Lisbon and much more await you in this very special break.


It teaches breathing techniques that are practiced regularly, let you experience many positive effects after only a few days, such as:

  • Deeper and more conscious breathing
  • more tidal volume
  • More energy and clarity
  • Deeper relaxation and serenity
  • a better digestion
  • more regular excretion
  • better regeneration of the nervous system
  • a deeper sleep
  • More concentration and motivation
  • More inspiration and creativity
  • More balance between heart and mind
  • a calmer mind
  • New Insights and Insights
  • more peace and contentment
  • deeper connection with the infinite consciousness

Our Yoga Retreats

Yogamastazz goes Portugal

Our unique retreat combines yoga with spiritual growth and powerful places in the Sintra region in Portugal

One week of yoga on the beach, meditation, nature healing, guided hikes, organic Portuguese delicacies and Lisbon sightseeing.

Autumn impressions of our yoga platform

Intro offer – Start your yoga practice

With the trial block you only pay 30 euros for 3 units of 60 minutes.
(or 40 euros for 3 units of 90 minutes)

Blocks of ten from € 108

10 units, each 60 minutes € 108 euros.
10 units, 90 minutes each € 135 euros.
Please bring a mat and a blanket.
We look forward to your registration and to a yoga time together.